About Me

My name is Sahar Husseini. I have read and written both English and Arabic braille for the last 45 years. I taught braille at the Nebraska Commission for the Blind for over eighteen years. When the Unified English Braille code was introduced, I searched for the right tool to instruct my students. At the time, there were not too many resources available, and I wanted my students to learn UEB before it came into effect on January 4, 2016. Therefore, Simply Braille, a book for teaching UEB braille was born. I authored the book and published it in 2015. Even the National Library Service for the Blind was interested in the book. I began my journey as a transcriber, and now, you can buy Simply Braille, Third Edition, directly from me. You can also have your print materials transcribed into braille. If you go to a restaurant, and you want their menu to be transcribed, please contact me at aboutbraille@gmail.com, or you may ask the restaurant to contact me. Braille done right is my motto.